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Workshop Topics

Mobility & Joint Conditioning for dancers 

Bellydance Body Maintenance

We discuss some of the impacts a specialized movement such as belly dance has on our bodies, how to better prepare ourselves and maximize our performances, and how we can start to counter some of the movements of this dance to create more balance in our bodies.

Turkish Takeover

Foundations of Turkish Oryantal


Connect to the roots and get the feel of the unique styling and rhythms of Turkish Oryantal/bellydance - it's lively steps, spontaneity, hops, kicks, knee lifts, full body undulations & fluid arms. We will start off by exploring some of the cultural/historical context and family tree line of this dance and discuss the older style versus "nouveau" style of contemporary dancers. Following our lecture, we'll get moving and "follow the bouncing butt" Turkish style. If you're interested in studying with the big names in Turkish dance, this is a wonderful pre-requisite. An addition to your hip scarf, you may want to bring a pen and notebook. Open to all levels; some dance experience recommended.

Dancing to 9/8 - Footwork and Romani styling


Expand your movement portfolio and gain a deeper understanding of the roots of Turkish bellydance! Turkish Romani dance (Roman Oyun Havasi) as a social dance is the mother of Turkish Oryantal. Both Oryantal and Romani have pelvic articulations that aren't seen very often in Arabic styles, but Romani uniquely has footwork and gestures that are enthusiastic, expressive, and could "melt a stone."  Many Turkish-style bellydancers fuse Oryantal and the Romani styling or, in a classic Turkish set, have a full 9/8 song. Whenever this dance is performed, keep in mind it is adapted for the stage. In this workshop, we'll get you dancing to 9/8 rhythm as we break down some of this fancy footwork, juicy pelvic moves, and gestures. An addition to your hip scarf, you may want to bring a pen and notebook. Open to all levels; some dance experience recommended.

Upcoming Workshops

28 Mar 2020

1:30-3:30p | 4-6p

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Saffron Dance - Clarendon

3260 Wilson Blvd

22201 Arlington, VA

Phone: (703) 276-BELLY (2355)

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