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  • Q: How long is a standard show?
    A: A standard performance is about 20-25min. Shorter performances are available and my base rates are the same for any time up to 25min. For longer performance requests, a second show (15-20min) may be added for an additional fee.
  • Q: Are your shows family friendly/appropriate for children?
    A: Absolutely! All ages have enjoyed my performances. Performance and audience interaction also varies depending on the event/party. I've danced at weddings for all ages, family friendly restaurants, as well as 18+ night clubs. Performing at a little girl's birthday party will look very different than a bridal shower with all adults! Children are mesmerized by the spinning and the sparkly costumes, and very often associate me with a princess. It's very sweet! My folkloric shows that offer more costume coverage are popular for schools and educational purposes.
  • Q: Is it appropriate to tip a bellydancer?
    Yes, tipping is a culturally appropriate way to express appreciation and enjoyment. Tips may be handed: ~ during the performance - anytime, but most commonly during audience participation ~ during the final payment ~ OR a ‘money shower’ in which dollar bills are gently tossed above the dancers head while she performs. (If you're not familiar, this is a common and fun way to tip in the Middle East).
  • Q: Can your performance be a surprise?
    A: Yes, and I am happy to coordinate with you on the details to ensure the suprise. This is a popular request for birthday parties & anniversary parties.
  • Q: Do you perform for bachelor or all male events?
    A: No, I do not.
  • Q: Do you teach regular weekly classes in the area?
    A: I'm sorry, I do not. See my resources page for local teachers I recommend. You can also get in touch with me and I can recommend some updated classes to fit your style preference & location. If you're interested in: Private sessions and are willing to travel to Takoma Park, MD, let's chat. I love teaching and coaching people one-on-one. With a large studio space with mirrors, I can help you take your dancing to the next level with individualized attention and personal goal setting. Want to get that special "move" down? Need some help with specific stylization or performance (from stagecraft to getting over stagefright)? I can help you. Hosting me for workshops and educational seminars, check out my workshops page which offers some ideas as to what I can offer you.
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