Hi there! Thanks for your interest in my work and art. I've been performing "bellydance" / raqs-sharqi / danse oryantal professionally in the DMV area since 2011 and have been studying even longer.  I've trained in dance consistently since I was about 8 years old and have a deep passion for improvisational dance forms - that is what led me here.  Having done choreographies much of my youth, improvisational dance was so refreshing as my dancing progressed and felt more true to myself, more in the moment, where I could actually express something from myself, and with my full presence. All of my performances, videos, shows - all of it - is fully improvised, and fully from the heart.


My life's work is to connect with people through movement. Besides dancing professionally, I am also a movement educator. I teach group classes, workshops, and seminars (yoga, dance, functional and creative movement), and have private sessions weekly in which I help people find their own freedom of expression. 

Movement, and an interest in the human experience, is what led me to get a BA in Anthropology. I'm interested in how culture and community shapes how we move, or don't move.  

In dancing, I've trained extensively in traditional Levantine, Egyptian and Turkish stylings, as well as American stylings of this dance form. I love connecting with different audiences, types of parties, celebrations, and I hope always to captivate them - with grace, cultural nuance, and playful, genuine expression. 


Whether you're interested in booking a show, or need support in your dance/movement practice, I look forward to connecting with you! 

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