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Resources & Recommendations

Local Teachers DC/MD/VA

Artemis Mourat- American, Turkish style bellydance & Turkish Romany dance

Yasmin Henkish - Egyptian style bellydance & folkloric dance

Samira Shuruk  - Bellydance & Bollywood

Miasia - Egyptian, Turkish, & American styles of Bellydance & folkloric dance

Faten - Egyptian style bellydance & folkloric

Saffron Dance Studio - Arlington, VA

Other Local Bellydance Artists

Contact me if you are interested in other local professional bellydance artists - whether you're looking to have multiple dancers at your event (male or female), or if I'm not available or don't fit your particular event, I'm happy to recommend my pro dance colleagues!  


Fair Rates Article - by Samira Shuruk

for more...

The Bellydance Reader - by Lynette Harris

The Gilded Serpent - Online magazine for articles related to MENA dances

The Best of Habibi - A journal for lovers of MENA dances and arts


Local photographers that I've worked with and love:

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